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How it All Works

Here we will simplfy the services and show how they work. It is not really all that complicated but if you are new you may need a little direction to help sort it out.

Circuitwork.com is the name of our in house web/email server. This domain name hosts both our public and private email lists as well as the public forum named "The Interactive Center". We also use it for file storage as its hard drives can hold many a gigabyte of data. We have in house as well as leased servers which have different functions. The bandwidth and hardware on the circuitwork.com server make it an excellent choice for email lists and forums.

Tech-assist.org is the name of the server which hosts the password protected members site. The members site contains the searchable tip database, file database, and the members only forum. Also once logged in members can join the members email list. The members email list is popular and puts you in direct contact with other technicians accross North America. This server has enough bandwdth to support file upload/download at high speeds.Files can be uploaded and stored for later use.

Techassist.net is where your at now and is currently being used as a staff email server, as well as an information center to help members with the operation of the site. We will be updating this site to provide as much information as we can to help with the smooth operation of the site.

Mail Dues To:
225 Monticello Ave.
Clarksburg, WV 26301